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case study

Nonprofit Marketing Campaign

This renowned Dallas nonprofit enlisted agency help for their North Texas Giving Day 2021 marketing campaign. My assignment was to tell a cohesive story across multiple channels that prompted donors to give.

The Client:

Track15 Nonprofit Client

Track15 is a nonprofit fundraising agency that offloads the daily tasks associated with the advancement and stewardship of an organization’s donor base. Their client serves low-income Dallas communities with a food pantry, free healthcare services, a financial savings program, and other educational programming.

The Challenge:


Create an omni-channel campaign with compelling copy and a call-to-action leading up to the annual giving day. Exceed the nonprofit’s 2020 North Texas Giving Day fundraising success by at least 5%.

Grocery store_0883.jpg

The Solution

Utilize back-to-school season to highlight the nonprofit’s services for children. Create a 6-week cadence of storytelling and solicitation for the target audiences using the campaign flow below.

T15 Campaign Flow.png

Email Marketing

I wrote 9 marketing emails using storytelling copy and photos to cultivate segmented audiences prior to the giving day. 

In conjunction with the grant writing and programs team, we gathered current data outcomes for the food pantry and Clinic. As the afterschool program was still in development, I kept in touch with the program director throughout the campaign to provide progress updates. Most importantly, I collected stories from neighbors who benefit from the nonprofit's programs. The audience responds warmly to personal anecdotes–which is the perfect time to follow up with a call to action.

Social Media Content

I wrote 7 organic social media posts and 1 social media ad. The posts echoed the email content and appealed to a more general audience. The ad ran for 1 month to a lookalike audience and generated a click through rate of 3%.

Promotional Video

I coordinated with a videographer team and wrote the script for a campaign promotional video that invited the viewer into the doors of this nonprofit. Past research indicates that videos perform well for this client’s audience, and this campaign was no exception.

The Success

The nonprofit raised $193,930 from 203 donors by the end of the giving day–a 42% growth from the year prior. The average gift size of $955 was 41% higher the year prior.


The client was thrilled with the overall outcome, as well as with the following digital marketing outcomes.

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