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case study

Energy Company Website Copy

A start up consulting company in the energy industry partnered with a web design agency and communications strategy team to build their new website. My assignment was to tease out brand copy that fit within the website wire-frame.

The Client:

Liz Navarro + Co Client

Liz Navarro + Co helps professionals and companies share their ideas, activate opportunities, and grow their networks. Their client, a start up consulting company, brings transportation, personnel, and technology to organizations in the energy and chemical industries.

The Challenge:


Tease out and write cohesive brand copy to fit within the website wire-frame. Collaborate with the end client’s spokesman, Liz Navarro + Co, and the web design agency (Agency Partner) to bring the copy to life via a new company website.

The Solution

Host 2 discovery calls with end client to uncover the following information for their brand copy:

  • Target audience

  • Audience’s pain points

  • Key services

  • Call to action

Conduct industry research to supplement client input. Examine website structure, sustainability statements, and calls to action of the following industry leaders:

Screen Shot 2021-12-07 at 2.15.33 PM.png

Write copy for each website page (13 total) mimicking website wire-frame and page layout. Incorporate client feedback and communicate with web designers.

The Results

Throughout the process of discussing the brand copy, the client was able to form a clearer vision of whom the company would serve and how they would benefit their customers. With their brand story now in place, the client will be able to pitch their services to future customers and grow their start up business. The client will have a clear, intuitive website that matches industry standards.

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