my services

Feature Articles  |  Inbound Marketing Blogs  |  Website Copywriting  |  Digital Marketing  | Photography

writing work

Feature Articles

I host interviews, keep a pulse on current events and social issues, and write long- and short-form articles for magazines.

Inbound Marketing Blogs

I conduct industry research and use SEO best practices to drive traffic to companies' websites.

Website Copy

I craft brand narratives that fit within website wire-frames and include a clear call to action.

Digital Marketing

I build omni-channel digital marketing campaign strategies that combine storytelling with a direct call-to-action.

case studies

Grocery store_0883_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Case Study: Nonprofit Marketing Campaign

This renowned Dallas nonprofit enlisted agency help for their North Texas Giving Day 2021 marketing campaign. My assignment was to tell a cohesive story across multiple channels that prompted donors to give.


Case Study: Energy Company Website Copy

A start up consulting company in the energy industry partnered with a web design agency and communications strategy team to build their new website. My assignment was to tease out brand copy that fit within the website wire-frame.

photography work

Oh, and I shoot brand, travel, and lifestyle photos on the side. Visual storytelling works in tandem with every brand. I supplement websites, digital marketing channels, and advertising with digital and film imagery.