Diaper Day & Education Collaboration with Texas Woman’s University

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Brother Bill’s Helping Hand recently collaborated with Texas Woman’s University to offer a three-part series of parenting education followed by a live Q&A to over 3,500 mothers, fathers, and caretakers. Totaling four hours of rich information, instructors covered Postpartum Physical Health, Maternal Mental Health, and New Baby Development. The education was offered in both English and Spanish!

Parents received a bounty of free resources accompanying the education. Virtual resources included articles about Taking Care of Yourself After Birth and Exercising After Pregnancy, local mental health screenings and medical providers, guided meditations in both English and Spanish, and milestone trackers for babies. The drive-thru Diaper Day event offered physical resources like diaper boxes, wipes, books, formula, and baby items. Special thank you to Hope Supply Co. for the generous supply of thousands of diapers for our caregivers!

The live Q&A’s were a hit, with over 700 total comments from caretakers eager to ask our knowledgeable team their questions, including:

  • What are the exercises I can do during pregnancy to help during labor and delivery?

  • Is it normal to still have back pain after an epidural?

  • Is it dangerous if I get COVID-19 while pregnant?

  • How long does postpartum depression last? What's a normal time frame?

  • Does the number of kids affect when you get depressed?

  • Is it normal to have constant dizziness and occasional headaches after giving birth?

  • Is it normal to have dry skin during pregnancy?

  • My 18 month old is refusing to eat meat. Any tips?

  • Any great tips for my toddler not to wake up at night?

  • What will be the best first foods to give my infant?

  • How soon do you start noticing symptoms of autism?

  • What age are little ones expected to start talking, as in using full words and sentences?

At the heart of our mission is providing our neighbors with resources to empower them to enrich their lives. Learning new skills and acquiring tools is part of the parenting journey, and Brother Bill’s is honored to be a trusted source of information to our neighbors. Thank you to Texas Woman’s University for your partnership and expertise!