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Local Nonprofit Serves 2,100 Children with School Supplies as Part of Innovative Drive-Thru Model During COVID-19

In partnership with the Dallas Mavericks, City of Dallas, Dallas Morning News, DART, and other community organizations

Dallas, TX, July 30 - August 1, 2020: As West Dallas and Oak Cliff neighbors face increased needs during the COVID-19 pandemic, Brother Bill’s Helping Hand (BBHH) continues to provide the essentials of life with an innovative drive-thru model. From July 30th to August 1st, BBHH is serving over 2,100 children with free back-to-school supplies. On Thursday, the line of cars stretched nearly a mile down the road.

As cars approach the drive-thru station on BBHH’s campus, kids lean out of car windows to greet smiling volunteers and receive a backpack full of school supplies, masks, hand sanitizer, hygiene items, emotional support resources, community resource information, devotionals, and Gatorade. These backpacks will be carried into public schools across the city in just a few weeks, as children and their parents adapt to the decisions of Dallas ISD during a global pandemic. BBHH hopes to push back against the “COVID-19 slide,” which combines the typical summer learning loss with the concerning effects of pandemic school closures.

Wes Keyes, Executive Director of Brother Bill’s Helping Hand, shares, “At Brother Bill’s Helping Hand, we know that the 2020-2021 school year is going to be quite different for the students of West Dallas and Oak Cliff. We are doing our best to make sure that we remove any roadblocks for the education of these children. As we take into consideration our neighbors’ health, we are utilizing our drive-thru model for the back-to-school event. We will serve over 2,100 children this year, up from 1,300 children last year.”

This event is made possible by the Dallas Mavericks, City of Dallas, Dallas Morning News, DART, Ruthie’s Rolling Food Truck, National Charity League, Young Men’s Service League, The Center Counseling, Kits for Kidz, WIC, Los Barrios Unidos Community Clinic, Direct Relief, and our outstanding volunteers.

About Brother Bill’s Helping Hand:

Brother Bill’s Helping Hand provides food, healthcare and education programming to those in need in the West Dallas and Oak Cliff community. West Dallas is one of the poorest parts of the city of Dallas, where 50% of students live below the poverty line and approximately 80% of all students are economically disadvantaged. For more than 75 years, the team and volunteers at BBHH have focused on engaging, supporting and empowering neighbors so that they can rise up out of poverty.Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, BBHH has adapted all programs to fit a socially responsible model, including a drive-thru food pantry, clinic telemedicine, virtual children’s programming, and the drive-thru back-to-school event. Since March 2020, we have served over 12,800 neighbors with 415,600 meals and nearly $1 million saved in grocery expenses. Learn more about our pandemic response here.