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[donor name], Oh Hey Dallas, And Friends of DAS Provide Life-Saving Pandemic Support to Pets

Dallas, TX, Thursday, April 9th, 2020 -- When coronavirus (COVID-19) swept through our city, Dallas Animal Services (DAS) had dire needs. Our animal-loving community has stepped up in outstanding ways to help relieve the shelter’s capacity, but animals continue to come in the doors and DAS is limited by the city’s budget. [Donor name] gave a generous gift of $5,000 to launch our $20,000 preparation fund campaign. [Donor name]'s compassion for Dallas pets has never been more evident during this pandemic!

As our city and DAS face prolonged effects of the pandemic, Friends of DAS is sharing positive foster stories and two ways people can help.


We are prepared to meet an influx of DAS needs in the coming months. Our goal is to raise $20,000 to purchase foster and adoption supplies. We will also help DAS cover any emergency expenses that may arise. We have currently raised over $10,000 towards our goal!


As animals continue to enter the shelter, we still need loving homes for DAS pets, either through adoption or fostering! There is a special need for fosters of medium and large dogs and bottle-fed baby kittens. Liz, influencer behind Oh Hey Dallas, chose to foster a pet and advertise her positive experience with her 62,700 followers.

“Fostering for Dallas Animal Services has been a wonderful experience. We chose a dog who had been at the shelter for several months and from the moment he came into our home, it was like a light switched on and he blossomed. His personality shined and he even showed off how well behaved he was with our family pets. While fostering can be an emotional experience, there is no greater feeling than being such a pivotal moment in a pets journey to a forever home. The reward that is felt simply by opening your home to give a dog a chance is indescribable.”

- Liz, influencer behind Oh Hey Dallas

“During this difficult time, our needs are changing daily and Friends of DAS helps us to fulfill urgent needs as they arise. Their partnership, and the community’s support, enable us to adjust our operations and continue saving lives.”

- Dallas Animal Services Team

About Friends of Dallas Animal Services

Friends of Dallas Animal Services (DAS) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit partner of DAS, the country's third largest open intake shelter. It is comprised of a group of devoted individuals who, first and foremost, believe that all animals deserve the highest quality of life. We understand the importance of credible partnerships and are determined to leverage those relationships in a way that elevates the work of DAS. We amplify Dallas efforts to provide compassionate care to all shelter animals.