Peek Inside the Kitten Nursery

Published for Friends of DAS + Track15 Welcome to one of the most sacred places at Dallas Animal Services (DAS): the Kitten Nursery. In the spring and summer seasons, orphaned kittens are found across the city, exposed to the elements of harsh weather, hunger, thirst, and predators. Without rescue, the survival rate for a kitten without a mother is close to 0%.

When people like you find abandoned kittens and are unable to foster, the kittens are brought to the nursery for around-the-clock care. For 24 hours a day, DAS staff feeds the kittens, monitors their health and weight, and ensures their every survival need is met. This particular kitten, Hazel, was discovered at three weeks old and brought in with his brother to receive vital care. He has not stopped meowing since he arrived, asking for mom and eager for food and care. Eventually, Hazel will be placed with a foster or rescue family, or graduated to the “preschool” area of the shelter. For now, his needs are met by the doting DAS staff and special nursery equipment. Finding abandoned kittens is a common occurrence, but at times, kittens are “kit-napped’ from their mothers by well-meaning rescuers. To ensure that kittens can stay with their mothers when possible and not overwhelm the nursery, rescuers are encouraged to wait several hours for mom to return. Rescuers can then make an assessment of whether or not the kittens need to be relocated to a more stable, concerned environment. Once a kitten is relocated to the Nursery, it will be nurtured to health until it is grown and ready for a loving home!