Walk for Water So That Others, Like Jaina, Don’t Have To

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Imagine that before you could feed your children, go to work, and run your errands, you had to walk several miles to collect water for your daily needs. How would this mundane, time-consuming chore impact your daily routine? And what if the water you gathered was dirty and unsafe, making you, your children, and community sick?

To Jaina, a 58-year-old mother in Tanzania, this story is a familiar one. Before Water Mission installed a safe water solution in her community, Jaina was burdened by strenuous walks for water and her family suffered from waterborne illnesses. Daily life was disrupted by the lack of a basic resource.

Water Mission’s Walk for Water is your opportunity to walk in solidarity with women like Jaina. By walking for a little over three miles, taking roughly 8,750 steps, and carrying a two-gallon bucket of water, you can support your global neighbors – 2,100,000,000 of whom do not have access to safe water.

On March 21, you can walk for water so that people around the world, mostly women and children, don’t have to.

Register and Walk Like Jaina

Now that she has access to safe water, Jaina spends more time caring for her farm and family. Her children are healthier and able to attend school regularly, and they receive training on healthy water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) practices, like handwashing.

“When the safe water came, I put into practice WASH principles [I learned] and did it with my own family,” Jaina shared. “It was incredible… It really cut down the stomach illnesses, which kept kids in school.”

You can register today to Walk for Water in Charleston, South Carolina. For $25, you join thousands of friends, neighbors, and fellow world-changers in a vibrant morning of walking for a cause!

Like Jaina’s experience, the walk symbolizes the trek that interrupts women and children’s daily lives across the world to collect unsafe water.

Walk for Water participants raise funds that enable Water Mission to install safe water solutions in communities like Jaina’s.

Volunteer and Serve Like Jaina

When Water Mission’s safe water solution was implemented in Jaina’s community, she stepped up to help educate the other women. Jaina now serves her neighbors by advancing knowledge of WASH practices throughout the community. “Every woman now has peace because the water is there. This is why I am now reaching out to others in my work and through Water Mission,” she said.

Hosting over 5,000 Walk for Water participants requires a host of volunteers. If you choose to:

Register participants,

Distribute buckets,

Hold signs along the route or help in any other way,

you play a role in Walk for Water’s success by volunteering!

Rally Your Community Like Jaina​

Jaina rallied her community to maximize safe water solutions and WASH hygiene practices. “Because of Water Mission, the entire community is changing,” she said. “In fact, our school here is the handwashing champion!”

When you rally your friends and raise funds for Walk for Water, you multiply your impact and receive exclusive swag!

There are three simple ways to get started:

Share your story of why you walk,

Send a request to friends and family, and

Post about the global water crisis on social media. Raising $100 earns you custom socks while raising $500 lands you a Walk for Water branded sweatshirt.

In stride with walkers like you, Water Mission’s best-in-class safe water solutions are bringing an end to the global water crisis. Women like Jaina are rescued from burdensome treks for unsafe water and are granted time for their work, families, and health. Likewise, your walk paves the way for 2,100,000,000 people across the world to have access to a basic human right: clean, safe water.