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Dallas Youth Poets: The Power of a Safe Space


Count the Cost: 6 Effects of the Global Water Crisis


On Breaking Bread in a Religiously Diverse City

Tucked away in a sunny Dallas bookstore is a group of teenagers with much to say. “Famous poet takes baby poet out for a test drive,” Gabby opens with a poem fresh from her collection. “Wonders what adventures they could bring out of someone so young and free?”

From high infant and mother mortality rates to inflated household expenses, the effects of the global water crisis are costly and far-reaching. Across the world, 2,100,000,000 people bear the physical, financial, social, and emotional costs of the lack of access to clean, safe water.

Life in such a vibrant city means your coworkers, classmates, doctors, and teachers will inevitably worship differently than you. The commission is to seek to understand your neighbors, not to shy away in fear. With a mindset of mutual understanding rather than defense, might we breed the strength that comes from unified diversity?

Hello! I’m Katie; writer and digital storyteller for good causes, fundraising, and research-based opinions. Whether you need a long-form research article, succinct advertising copy, or a comprehensive campaign that tells your story through multiple channels–can I write it for you?


 I believe in ethical and inclusive storytelling. Most of my waking hours are spent typing furiously in coffee shops, organizing my bookshelf, heading outdoors, or cramming all my friends into one space.

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